Nunn Hayward: Our updated Key Guides series – July 2016

We are pleased to announce that our series of Key Guides has undergone a quarterly review and each one contains the most up-to-date and accurate information. These specialist publications provide you with expert content on topics ranging from starting and selling a business to strategies for a high tax environment.

mini guides2

  • The taxation of investments: Take expert advice if you require more information or a greater insight into how to cut that tax bill.
  • Pensions freedom – drawing from your pension: A good way to understand the changes that took place in April 2015 is to look at the previous rules for drawing retirement benefits from defined contribution schemes.
  • Starting and selling a business: Rather than running the business alone, consider the benefits to having a partner or bringing in a co-shareholder.
  • Making the most of fringe benefits: Company car percentages are due to increase substantially over the coming years.
  • Working through personal service companies: If you have recently started working through a company and there is any chance whatsoever of IR35 applying, then ensure that your company’s year end is not going to result in timing issues.

For further information on any of the topics above and to view our full set of updated Key Guides, please visit our website Or contact us to discuss any issues that may affect you on 01753 888211.

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