ONS releases environmental tax data

Jun 2015

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released data showing that environmental taxes raised £44.6 billion for the Treasury in 2014, providing 7.5% of all revenue from tax and social contributions in the UK.

Energy taxes in particular generated 72.9% of this total, while transport taxes were 23.7% and pollution taxes comprised 3.4% of the revenue. Together the environmental taxes are 2.5% of UK GDP, a percentage which has remained steady since records began.

Available information goes back to 1993, and shows that UK Government revenue from environmental taxes has increased almost consistently by a yearly average of 5.0% in current terms.

Landfill tax also raised over £1.1 billion for the Treasury in 2014, a tenfold increase on the income raised when it was first introduced in 1996.

Analysis of previous years’ data shows businesses paid a total of £20.8 billion of the taxes in 2012, creating 50.1% of total environmental tax revenue that year. Out of business contributions, manufacturing raised £4.4 billion while transportation and storage raised £3.4 billion.


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