4.5 million tax returns still outstanding as 31 January deadline nears

16 Jan 2015

As the 31 January self-assessment deadline looms, HMRC figures suggest that 4.5 million online returns for the 213/14 tax year have still to be filed, with 6.5 million having been submitted ahead of the deadline.

HMRC have also released data from last year showing which groups are most likely to submit their returns late and therefore face a fine.

The over-65s are the most punctual in filing their self-assessment returns, and women were more punctual than men. The specific group most likely to miss the deadline was young men aged 18-20 who live in London and work in the communications industry.

The most punctual sector was not in fact accountants, but workers in agriculture, fishing and forestry, with only 109 per 10,000 filing late (the group containing lawyers and accountants had 219 late filers per 10,000).

If you need to file a tax return for 2013/14, make sure you don’t miss the deadline!


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