Fewer sick days taken in 2014, reports CIPD

07 Oct 2014

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has released a report showing that the average amount of sick leave taken has dropped from 7.6 days to 6.6 days this year.

Average figures also show that absence in the public sector remains high, at 7.9 days per year, but 5.5 days in the private sector. It is thought that this difference is due to public sector workers such as nurses and teachers working face-to-face with larger numbers of people, exposing themselves to higher risk of contagious illness.

Despite the promising overall figures, the report also showed that more than one in three employers are seeing increased staff absence due to caring responsibilities. To help in these instances, a minority one in six employers have measures in place such as flexible working, compassionate leave, and carers’ leave.

Dr Jill Miller, Research Adviser at the CIPD, said: ‘Supporting those with caring responsibilities to balance their work and home lives, and therefore retaining our talent, is a key issue. Recent UKCES research has predicted that there will be four generations working side-by side by 2030. With this 4G UK workforce, employers are having to manage an increasingly diverse range of employee needs’.


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