Self assessment tax return deadline approaches

23 Oct 2013

Taxpayers who wish to file a paper 2012/13 self  assessment tax return are being urged not to miss the forthcoming 31 October  deadline, or they could face a series of penalties.

Under HM Revenue & Customs’ penalty regime,  any paper tax returns received on or after 1 November will incur an automatic  £100 penalty.

The penalty applies even where there is no tax to  pay, or where any tax due is paid on time, and   additional penalties will apply where the return remains outstanding  after 3, 6 and 12 months.

Individuals who are sending a paper tax return  within the final days of the deadline are advised to obtain proof of posting,  in order to support them in the event of any appeal against a late-filing  penalty.

As an alternative, individuals can instead choose  to file their tax returns online, by a later deadline of 31 January 2014.

We can help to reduce the administrative burden,  by filing your tax returns on your behalf.


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